• Embodied Intelligences for individuals & entities

    Our work reaches individuals & collectives looking for multisensory experiences to expand into full potential. For humans who want to engage across all levels with mental, physical, emotional, spiritual intelligences. For humans collaborating with non-human symbionts, from microbes to machines.

  • We're who you call when you're ready to a new experience, from personal to global-scale & algorithmically generated. When you have to make an impossible shift, land an impossible message on deaf ears with no incentive to change. When linear thinking isn't providing proportional results. When your professional moves are headline news -- or would be. When your team's cohesion impact tens of millions of customers around the world. When your automations are causing more problems than freedoms, and old paradigms no longer resonate. When trickle down wellness doesn't seem to be working in the margins. When you want to cut straight through cycles that keep replaying in different ways, and collapse years into minutes. Most importantly - when you're ready to play.

  • Request Booking

    After a career tailoring data & machine intelligence applications to the luxury industry, our leading voice, Jessica Graves started Sefleuria to reimagine rapid embodiment of technology, culture & beliefs. In an industry focused on novelty & change, our work focuses on deep integration whether pulled from spiritual systems from thousands of years ago or yet unpublished works in computation. Sought after by startups, household names, Fortune 500 and beyond, our work influences individuals & entities at all scales.
    Our entrepreneurs are ready to work at the highest level. We accept invites for strategic speaking (machine & spiritual intelligence), performance (music, song, DJing, movement, dance), private 1:1 guidance, strategic advisory, consulting; though we LOVE surprises.
    For in-person requests outside of NYC, LA or London following seasonal schedules (note: may span many years), please describe why your event isn't fully virtual and estimated carbon impact of event travel, as well as train travel estimate to your locale.

  • Our Press

    Jessica Graves featured in Conversation with Nadja Abt and Katharina Hausladen in print (available upon request).

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